The Kazakh Khanate

The Kazakh Khanate
Year-round program
1 to 5 days
Minimum 15 persons
Maximum 500 persons

Author’s program “Kazakh Khanate”.

Each of us has heard stories about the conquests of Genghis Khan,
his mighty army and a huge khanate!

Especially for you, we have created the unique ethno-product which will immerse you in the times of nomads…

During your tour, you will plunge into the nomads’ life, create a settlement with your own hands, become a real hunter of those times with a bow and arrows. Our masters will introduce the basics of pottery to you. Together, we will create our own currency, which will help to establish trade and will be a unique content throughout the program. The participants could rightfully become a true nomad of our “Kazakh Khanate”. They will receive personal passports accompanying loud songs of akyns and colorful dances. Let’s start building your own khanate right now.