What tourist should know about Mangystau

What tourist should know about Mangystau

1. Mangystau is a semi-desert zone with practicallyno open sources of fresh water.

2. April, first half of June, second half of August andOctober is the best time to visit Mangystau.

3. In the hottest period the temperature is up to 45-48 degrees Celsius.

4. Seawater temperature mainly depends on windstrength and direction: the sea breezes bring downmasses of warm water.

5. Travelling to natural sights is by trails across thesteppe.

6. 4×4 tours are the most convenient way of travelling in Mangystau.

7. Camp equipment must be designed to withstandhigh wind.

8. Desert nature is very fragile and any traces left byhumans last for a very long time.

9. National cuisine consists of meat and culturedmilk foods.

10. Visiting holy places is a part of cult and religiousrequirements.

11. Mangystau – a unique corner of the Earth featuringa surprising union of forms of pristine landscapes, historyof the Earth, sea beaches and unique national culture.

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