Event calendar Almaty, Spring 2019


March 3 – Alpine Race 2 (GK Shymbulak)

Annual skiing mountaineering, snowshoeing and skyrunning competition

March 10 – Gorilla Winter Jungle (GK Shymbulak)

Competitions on the coolest tricks in the flight and slides among skiers and snowboarders.

March 22 – Nauryz is a holiday of spring and galore (local New Year);

March 22 – Jump and Freez

This is an opportunity to snowboard or ski from a snow slope, which ends with a large pool of water.

March 22 – The closure of the ski season (GK Shymbulak)

March 23 – Skyrunner Run (Shymbulak Group)

The race is a high-speed ascent, a high-altitude run. competition


April 6 Show on the national sport “Qazaq Kursi”

Qazaq Kursi – the Kazakh national wrestling Kazaksha kursi is one of the oldest sports among the Kazakhs. In modern Kazakhstan, this martial art is very popular, and Qazaq Kursi are held at festivals and celebrations.

April 17-19 Kazakhstan International Exhibition “Tourism and Travel”

April 21 Spring Marathon

April 27th Tulip Festival


May 10-12 – Championship and the Asian Cup in power lifting WRPF

May 11-12 – The Great Steppe Marathon – trailranning (15, 35, 75 km)

May 14-16 – International exhibition – Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking

May 18-19 – “Uly Dala – Koshpendsher Elem!”

Two-day ethnic festival, which is attended by more than 15 countries from abroad. The international festival “Uly gave koshpendshir elem” – a unique project where guests can learn the culture and history of the Kazakh people.

May 18-19 – National Triathlon Championship

May 20-26 – Parkfest

International Festival of Sculptures and Small Architectural Forms

May 25-26 – Gran fundo tour of Zhetysu – a popular road cycling race

The most famous and popular road cycling race in the world, combining both professional athletes and cycling enthusiasts on one track. The route Gran fundo tour of Zhetysu is laid on the most picturesque places of the Almaty region.

May 28-29 – Halyk Barysy – National Sports Tournament

The republican tournament “Halyk Barysy” is held with the aim of popularizing national sports, reviving and preserving the historical and cultural heritage of wrestling on belts, raising the national spirit as well as introducing young people to sports.


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