About Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the largest Central Asia country, where Great Steppe, great mountains and great history linkup. It is a cradle of the nomad civilization, the country where people for the first time saddled horses and performed the first space flight. The territory of Kazakhstan is ninth-ranking in the world. The main part of the territory is occupied by steppes, semi-deserts which continue from the Caspian Sea to Altai and from the Urals to Tien-Shan. However, the high mountains of Altai and Tien-Shan as well as rocky and lacustrine oasis’s create an amazing natural diversity. No wonder that the northernmost nesting site of flamingo is located in Kazakhstan. Here there is Karagiye Depression 132 meters deep and peak Khan Tengri 7010 meters high. Actually all natural zones are observed in the country, except for subtropics – from hot steppes to perennial snow. Kazakhstan is the native place of apples and tulips.

The policy of cooperation in Kazakhstan is deep-rooted. In the excavations of the ancient city Kayalyk in the east of the Almaty region three closely located places of worship were discovered – the Muslim mosque, the Christian church and Pagoda. This message from the past tells that confessional difference is not the excuse for wars. On the contrary, respect for different religions facilitates the flowering of trade, science and culture, it was demonstrated by Great Silk Way in the Middle Ages.

Being in the center of Silk Way, since ancient times Great Steppe was an integrating factor. The progress of mankind depended on it, Silk Way both transferred goods and knowledge, and educated peoples how to respect each other. Many current states claim to be called Silk Way countries. If we look at war conflicts, color revolutions and civil opposition in Central Asia, we will understand that only Kazakhstan could fully inherit the basic principles of the great way connecting East and West. It is Kazakhstan, the most stable and peaceful country of Central Asia, that retained the international spirit, respect for all religions and openness to the world. That is why world religion forums, major international events such as business forums, EXPO are held here. Kazakhstan became the first CIS country that hosted Asian Winter Games and Winter Universiade.

Currently Silk Way is reviving. Together with it Great Steppe gets a jump-start. It is facilitated by the growth of new capital Astana which has already become a city with a million citizens, a major political and business center. The transcontinental highway East Europe-East China passes through Kazakhstan, the railway branch Khorgos-Zhetygen was built in the Almaty Oblast, the role of international airports in Astana and Almaty increases, they became important transportation hubs. Silk Way – a great road of civilization – is ready to open to entrepreneurs and travelers the wealth of nature and wisdom of the history of Great Steppe.

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